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Saturday, 03 March 2007


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I wrote you an email asking you about the Merchant Mariners. if you could respond, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



I believe I did respond to your query but if I didn't I'll send it again.


This column was very helpful. I am currently and active duty Navy sailor, and my rate is a BM. I would like to know how much money a merchant mariner makes a year. Also, I heard that when a merchant mariner is in port, they are off. Is that true? Thank you.


Sounds like you lead a charmed life :) What's it like for women in the Merchant Marines? I'm sure there are some out there, maybe you've worked with them. Richard Avedon was once a photographer for the Merchant Marines. In your experience, have you heard of a photography position? From those of us looking for a first person perspective, Thank you for writing this blog!



The life definitely has it's pluses. Yes, I have seen women on ships. Not many, but they are out there. It's not really a family oriented choice.

Merchant Marine photographer? Never heard of one. Maybe Avedon got to ride along on a ship as a guest. Anyway if I ever hear of such a thing I'm sorry but I'll definitely be keeping that one to myself ;)


Nice work (explaining what a merchant mariner is and does) I'm a woman.I like men.Sailing is in my blood.I like traveling,adventures and freedom with a pocket full of cash. I tend to not put up with much societal status quo BS because I don't have to. (depend on anyone for my existence) If your interested in going out to sea. Do It! Its a great life. If your a woman, work your ass off, be strong and eventually they will respect you and in turn you will respect yourself.Fair Weather and a Following Sea! :) Jamie


What if my wife and me both want to get into the Merchant Marines? We have no children. Can we both do tours together?


Nice to see, thanks for explaining. I'm a 19 yr old female about to go to merchant seaman, I want to travel make good money and pretty much go out when I want well I hope its something I like and can live with (so excited) comment plz.

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