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I love the sound, taste, and feel of a life less ordinary.


I'm a Florida native and lifelong Miami resident. Although I spend most of the year on the road I still call Miami home. My parents both moved to the States after the Castro revolution of the 1950's. As a first generation American I had the good fortune of growing up in two worlds. My Spanish speaking world at home and my English speaking world outside the home.

I am a licensed Merchant Marine. I hold an FAA Private Pilot license which I intend to upgrade to a commercial license and put to work one day. I have an interest in photography which I am starting to explore. I have a need to write which is why I started this blog. Most of all I crave diversity, in my work, relationships, and travels.


sailing, flying, the outdoors, the maritime industry, cultural interaction, and gear. i enjoy reading travel narratives and how to books. i love adventure films like the indiana jones films, my interests are travel, and sahara. i enjoy going to foreign film festivals. i like bicycling, and hiking. my future travel plans are dreams that don't yet have wings to them, romancing the road, but i'll blog about them as soon as they grow some.